Major Bank

Transforms and defines its evaluation processes

The Entity had a Technology that Made it Difficult to Adapt to the Company’s Context and Processes

Reflecting that the evaluation processes were not obtaining the desired results and an evident lack of ROI, and consequent frustration of the team.


They did not believe in the evaluation process.

Management Team

They invested a great deal of time and resources.


He invested heavily in continuous customization.

They also had to worry about improving data quality deficiencies or shortcomings in the ERP, micro-profiling capabilities, among others.

Assesment & Performance

The company, with the need to increase engagement and improve the employee experience, set out in search of an assessment and performance model that would adjust to the new processes and culture of the company, and thus achieve a better employee experience and an increase in ROI for the management team.

By implementing this new model, it achieved a 97% participation rate in its 360 Performance Review.

“It’s an intuitive, easy-to-use program and a platform with constant monitoring and user support.” Bank Employees

Employees highlight it&people as a program that gives them tangibility with a career plan that allows them to grow professionally in the company and develop their work with better communication and KPIs.

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