Performance Management that Delivers

HR leaders recognize the need to transform their appraisal processes, which their employees have stopped believing in. It is time to implement a more frequent, contextualized and personalized appraisal process to empower and recognize the professional development of your employees.

Redefine your Performance Evaluation Process

Focus on the professional growth and recognition of your employees, more than 200,000 people and HR leaders from different organizations are successfully using our platform.

Bank achieves 97% participation rate in evaluation process

Tailoring talent management needs in multinational optical company

Meat company brings feedback culture to the last operator 

Why it&people?

What makes us different

Unlimited reports

No waiting time

Agile Methodology

Simplified processes

Department autonomy

Simplify your Evaluations for Immediate Results

It helps the development of your team with an immediate performance management approach, which in an unassisted way will give you back the necessary analytics for better decision making within your company.  

People Review

Offers a Continuous and Customized Program

At it&people we lead with a continuous performance management approach, in which capabilities and development plans are reviewed periodically with feedback and coaching as the focus of the conversation.

Motivate your Team with Objectives Aligned to your Company's Strategy

HR managers must ensure that any performance management process is capable of accurately measuring employee contribution.

Listen, Share and Respond to your Employee's Voice

Many companies lack a communication channel with their employees, and most of them confess that one of their biggest handicaps is the lack of a feedback culture.

Start Shifting the Focus

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