The Challenge of Distributed Headquarters

Adaptation to local talent management needs within a multinational company.

Talent management within a multinational company


It provides its processes and solutions standardized throughout the company.


Standardized processes and solutions do not meet the needs of the subsidiary.


It must have solutions adapted to local needs.

Our client, a Spanish branch of a large and important optical chain; as is the case with many subsidiaries of multinationals, found that the processes and solutions of the corporation did not meet the local needs of talent management, setting and monitoring objectives in the branches.

In order to learn and pivot strategies along the way, it&people implemented a new talent management model in less than 1 week during its Time Project.


An agile, Flexible and Autonomous Solution is Implemented

To bring the culture of feedback to every employee.

For store managers to align company strategies with business KPIs.

Thanks to the success of the strategy and the process carried out, it&people is being analyzed in the corporation for a company-wide implementation worldwide.

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