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A different results management solution.

PeopleGoals is an integral solution to manage performances by the organisation's people with a view to achieving corporate results.

  • A solution that identifies the size of the individual or group contribution to business results. A major capacity for reflecting the Goal Management Models that may be operated by each company, depending on its hierarchy of goals:
    • Establishment of the corporate goals.
    • Establishment of the area/department goals.
    • Establishment of the individual goals.
  • Employee experience: Flexibility to assess any goals you want, whoever you want, for whatever you want, as many times as you want, weighted any way you want, for an experience focusing on the employee.
  • Mechanisms to follow up and update internal organisational changes (employee arrivals and departures, department changes, changes to supervisors etc.), to manage the goals of the employee in each post.
  • Intermediate reviews of goal follow-ups, with the capacity to change the business strategy so that your goals are always in line with changes in the market.
  • Obtaining an individualised analysis (by employees) and an aggregate analysis (post, department, business unit etc.).
  • Deployment of a platform in under 3 weeks. Deployment of a new assessment process in under 2h autonomously by the user.
  • The ideal complement to your ERP (SAP HR, SuccessFactors, Workday, Meta4 etc.).


A solution compatible with project management, to assess individuals' contribution to each project.


A solution that gives you the flexibility to assess specific groups at specific times.


We assist with your international expansion. Involvement of other countries and people, irrespective of the language.

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