How do you identify, recognize and retain your best people?

HR managers must ensure that any performance management process the company develops is capable of accurately measuring employee contribution, which is the sum of individual job performance and the organization’s objectives.

A management solution with different results

PeopleGoals enables you to accurately and effectively identify and reward high performers:

A new valuation process in less than 2 hours in an autonomous way

Real-time monitoring

Tracking of changes

Individualized analytics




Process creation and configuration

Customized configuration of the phases to be included in the process:

Possibility of monitoring of objectives and a debriefing interview.

To facilitate the setting and assessment of common objectives.

Assessment, supervision of limits and evaluation and interview to share the results obtained.

Supervision and control of the entire process

In a centralized or delegated manner, the setting of objectives and their subsequent evaluation.

Automated way the valuations outside the defined ranges.

Employee job changes, deciding what should happen to the objectives in the original job, and to the objectives in the target job.

Analysis and management of the information

Excel export capability for customized processing.

Allowing the data to be classified by groups.

User-Friendly Platform

The control panel shows the user which tasks have been performed and which tasks are still to be performed.

Start-up in four simple steps:

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