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A different performance management solution.

PeopleReview is the answer for managing the team's performance with a customised, integrated, long-term approach.

  • A new way of implementing the human resources function through People Analytics, which traditional solutions had been unable to do until now.
  • It homes in on the potential and flexibility of the platform to capture and analyse independently and in context (identification of talent, training needs, succession plans, career plans, individual development etc.).
  • Deployment of a platform in under 3 weeks. Deployment of a new assessment process in under 2h autonomously by the user.
  • Employee experience: Assess whatever you want, whoever you want, whenever you want, and as many times as you want, for an experience focusing on the employee, with agile project assessment.
  • Self-assessment models - 180, 270, 360 or customised - for every participant in every process, and with as many in vivo changes as necessary.
  • A comprehensive solution to address all the different areas involved in management of values, skills, abilities and professional development:
    • Talent maps and succession plans.
    • Identify the best talent to cover vacancies and promotions internally, with monitoring and support in the construction and measurement of agile projects and teams.
    • Design and planning of predictive training plans.
    • Monitoring on mentoring programmes.
    • ...
  • The ideal complement to your ERP (SAP HR, SuccessFactors, Workday, Meta4 etc.).


A solution compatible with project management, to assess individuals' contribution to each project.


A solution that gives you the flexibility to assess specific groups at specific times.


We assist with your international expansion. Involvement of other countries and people, irrespective of the language.


Wherever they are, participants can use their PC, tablet or mobile for access.

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